Kick-In starts notification service for concerned mothers

The Kick-In committee decided to start a notification service for concerned mothers, due to an incident that took place yesterday night. One ‘kiddo’ failed to notify his own mother that he was not sleeping at home, which lead to a large scale search party. Unnecessary, according to our sources, because the missing kiddo had a romantic night with his dogroup mother.

Mothers, or kiddo’s, can subscribe to the notification service at the Kick-In infodesk. There are two types of services: kiddo’s can be monitored 24/7 via a GPS device (this will be mandatory for kiddo’s that haven’t reached the age of 18 yet) or the infodesk will call the kiddo every hour. Concerned mothers who subscribe to the GPS-service will be able to monitor every kiddo with a device. “In this way we will be able to keep an eye on each others’ sons and daughters”, says a mother who identified herself as ‘the mother of Jelmer’.

“I want my son to be safe in the Kick-In”, the mother continues. “Every day I pack his back with all the necessary stuff, like sun block, a fresh pair of undies, some fruit, candy vegetables (like celery), water and, of course – I know he is almost an adult – condoms. I even told my son I wouldn’t care if he brings someone home, I’ll even make sure they will get breakfast on bed!”.

In a reaction the Kick-In committee told flUTnieuws that they’re happy to offer this new service. “With the cancellation of the ‘studiefinanciering’ we have taken into account that more and more kiddo’s live with their parents. For next year we are considering a shuttle service through Twente for these kiddo’s.”

This article appeared in the Break-In of August 25th.

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